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Hi! I’m Sissel, nice to meet you!
I live in Oslo, Norway with my partner, Espen. I’m a Mother of two and have two wonderful Grandsons. I love to travel, explore new places and meet new friends. My biggest interests are personal development and music (I used to play the chello and piano!).

I’ve been an Entrepreneur since 1987 and have spent the bulk of my career building dynamic companies and high-impact teams in different countries all around the world. I began working with ASEA in 2015 and have been changing lives ever since.

I was initially drawn to ASEA simply because I was so impressed with the before-and-after photos of people’s skin after using ASEA’s revolutionary topical redox gel. My initial curiosity led me to unexpected but warmly welcomed turns in both my career and my health.

I have always been very interested in maintaining and taking care of my body. When I started to hear testimonials of people’s experiences with the ASEA products, I understood that this is something truly amazing and very unique.

Today I am a proud Triple Diamond and member of the Million Dollar Club with ASEA, helping people all over the world starting a home-based business and improving their health.

The great thing about working in this business is the time and money freedom it gives me. I love not having to point to a building and say, “that’s my work.” I love not having a boss tell me what to do, when to do it, or when to have vacation. I’m not limited by someone else’s decisions! I like the fact that I am responsible for my own income and I LOVE helping others succeed both in business and personally.

If you are an action taker, are willing to learn and be coached and want to build a better life for you and your family, I would love to talk to you about how a business with ASEA could be what you are looking for.


If you think ASEA could be the opportunity you have been looking for, or if you have any questions, please get in touch!

You can send a message below or get in touch with me on social media, through the links at the bottom of this page.

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