Why Start A Side Hustle?

We cannot predict the future and, if we’re honest, most of us need a “plan B” these days. The world is not as stable as it used to be, and many people are worried about their job security and how they are going to deal with the rising cost of living.

How to Deal with Objections and Rejection in Network Marketing

It is a fact of life; on a daily basis, everyone faces rejection. Even the most successful or friendly people have experienced rejection and objection numerous times. Yet, every time it happens, we are reminded again and again how NOT FUN it is to be rejected.

Why Network Marketing isn't a Pyramid Scheme

I have built traditional companies, I have been an employee and I have built a couple of network marketing businesses. I promise you; all kind of businesses are pyramid shaped! Network marketing is the ONLY ONE where EVERYBODY has the opportunity to reach the TOP.

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

What is worse? To fear something so bad that you do not even dare to give it try, or the regret of never trying? I guess it depends on what it is, but have you noticed how nine out of ten times our fear of failure is unfounded?

Setting Realistic Objectives

Goals are part of every aspect of business if you want to have success – also in Network Marketing. I see that some struggle with setting goals, some even think it is unnecessary. But by setting goals you are providing yourself with a target to aim for.

Aim For Progress, Not Perfection

Albert Einstein once said: “There is nothing known as perfect. It’s only those imperfections which we choose not to see!!” If we should wait for everything to be perfect before we do something, nothing would be done!

The Power of Passion

Passion is a strong desire that can help us do amazing things. In many ways you can look at passion as extra fuel for your action. Passion is something that will help you become better at what you do, and it will help you push you through difficult times.

What is Leadership?

Leadership comes in many shapes and forms. I don’t think anyone is born to be a leader; however, some are born with natural leadership potential. Whether you are a born leader or not, everyone can learn the skills they need to become one.

Business Owner vs Employee Mindset

I have been an entrepreneur since 1987, when I started my first company. Since then, I have experienced both being the employer and being employed. I know there is a big difference between having a business mindset vs. employee mindset.

You are never alone in Network Marketing

People joining the ASEA business are from all walks of life, with different kinds of background and experience and we all have one common dream: we want something more out of life for our self and for others. The only way we can achieve it is through teamwork.

How Does Network Marketing Really Work?

Network marketing has existed as a business model since the 1930s and the industry is still engaging more than 125 million individuals worldwide. Despite this, it still has negative connotations for many, who do not trust it. It is a very simple, yet misunderstood, industry.

Network Marketing = Equal Opportunity

Let me start with a bold statement: we have all done Network Marketing throughout our lives! We have all recommended a great book, a fantastic restaurant, a clever lawyer, a good plumber … we just never got paid for it!

It Is All About How You Duplicate

Duplication is one of the most important concepts of network marketing; it is the key to great success and generous profits. Our business model is dependent on team-building, passing on information from one person to another.

We All Have 24 Hours In A Day

The idea with a side hustle is to create freedom. We all have the same amount of time each single day. What we do with that time and how busy we are is entirely up to us. There are different ways to be busy.

You Need More Than 1 Income Stream

History is full of people who took on additional work to keep on having multiple income sources during good times and hard times. Without exception all the self-made millionaires suggest creating multiple income streams.

Why It Is Important To Be Coachable

No matter what education and background you have, network marketing can be for everyone. However, there is no denying – in order to thrive in network marketing, you have to be coachable and teachable.


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