How to Deal with Objections and Rejection

It is a fact of life; on a daily basis, everyone faces rejection.

Even the most successful or friendly people have experienced rejection and objection numerous times. Yet, every time it happens, we are reminded again and again how NOT FUN it is to be rejected. Getting rejected is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact I will say that the number of rejections you get is usually proportional to the success you achieve.

If you make peace with this, there is no limit how far you can get in anything. I love Ray Higdon’s bestselling book “Go for NO for network marketing”, where he points to that success in this industry is a numbers game, and the more rejections the more success. Sounds crazy, I know – but think about it for a second and you see how much sense it makes.

There are different ways to view situations. A glass of water can be filled to the middle, and you can view it as half full or as half empty – your choice. It is all about mindset and attitude.

At an early age I learned that rejection and objections can be a tool for success, and it is very smart to turn negative experiences into seeds of positivity and use them to become better, bigger, nicer and move forward, closer to our goals. I look at objections and rejections as “stepping-stones” to success. If we can have a mindset of “lessons learned” in situations like this, it will always make us stronger and wiser than before.

When I meet someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, a person who has a strong and big dream, who is coachable and ready to take action, I always try to teach them about this principle. It is normal to doubt your own abilities when the first rejections appear shortly after having started something new. If you are prepared, it is so much easier to handle.

Another important thing to be aware of, regarding rejections, is never to not take it personally. Can you imagine what a flight attendant goes through every day? Going down the aisle with their trolley asking people if they want coffee or tea. Those people rejecting the offer, simply don’t want to drink coffee or tea right now. The flight attendant does not take the “no” personally. Equally, we shouldn’t take rejection in business personally. You simply do not have what your prospect wants, it is NOT you!

Learn from your experience. We all have heard of Thomas Alva Edison, who held more than 1000 patents. He created many inventions that have had a huge impact on our society and daily life. However, he did not reach any of his successes without a big number of failures. When he tried to make the light bulb work, he was ridiculed and laugh about; people thought he was crazy. When he finally made it work, he said: “I have not failed 10,000 times, I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” That’s the attitude we all should have.

When building a network marketing business, you need to know that not everyone you meet will be interested in joining your business. To the contrary, most of the people we speak with are rejecting us. Our job is to sift and sort. We are not looking for everybody! We are looking for those who want to fulfil their dreams through the opportunity we can offer, and those who have a desire to genuinely build a successful Network Marketing business.

When people reject you, do not try to convince them to join you.  Wish them well and offer your opportunity to someone else. However, “keep the door open” as circumstances may change in the future, and they might take a second look later.


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