Network Marketing Is All About Equal Opportunity

Let me start with a bold statement: we have all done Network Marketing throughout our lives!

We have all recommended a great book, a fantastic restaurant, a clever lawyer, a good plumber … we just never got paid for it! We do not have to have any education or training to do this, it is just something we do naturally without thinking about it.

In a Network Marketing company, we do exactly the same, we recommend a product/service and the business opportunity it offers to our contacts, friends and family and when they buy, the representative gets paid. The Network Marketing industry is offering an opportunity to anyone with a dream, who takes action. With the current financial situation around the globe, more and more individuals are realising the benefits of Network Marketing.

One of the great things about Network Marketing is that the rules are the same for all involved. It is a level playing field when it comes to the opportunity. You do not have to qualify to join, you just need to be 18 years or older. What kind of education you have does not matter – you can be a high school dropout, you can be a Masters graduate or you can be a Medical Doctor, a priest or a teacher….. The Network Marketing companies do not care about your education background. All you need to succeed is a desire to reach your goals and a strong work ethic to make it happen.

If you are going to start a traditional company, you need funding. Either your own or others’ money must be invested. You might have to take on a big loan and invest a lot in office space, tools, goods, warehouse, car, computer, accounting and may be even employees, depending on what sort of business you are starting. It may take months or even years to get return on your investment. Usually you have to work “around the clock” in a start-up business, and it might take years or months for you to be able to pay yourself a salary. Statistics shows that more than 50% of new companies do not survive 5 years. There are a lot of risks involved and only a few have the funds to do this.

In Network Marketing the entry cost is very low. Anybody can do it. I know of people who have started their business with as little as $40 and they had all they needed to get started. Most people also want to experience the products themselves, so they also invest in personal products. The good thing about this business is that you should not have any inventory, the products are shipped directly from the company to the end consumer. When I started my business, I invested in an “average” start-up with around $500 including a web shop, virtual office and products for personal use – I was ready to build as small or big, and how slow or fast, as I wanted. It was all up to me how much time I invested, no one could “boss me” except myself. I already had a phone and a laptop at that time, so I started to share the opportunity in my spare time, from home – just as most people start their Network Marketing business.

Nobody has to quit their full-time job. Most people cannot afford to go without salary for a long period. Therefore, they start their Network Marketing business with a few hours here and there on a consistent basis and they are supported with their normal salary. If people take immediate action, they can even get paid in their first week. Some continue to have the business as a side hustle, others decide to go full time when they earn more on their side hustle than they do on their full-time job. This is exactly how I did it 7 years ago, What other business can you start for so little and have the opportunity to grow it to a million dollar business with life-time residual income – all from home?

This is a very simple business to do, even if it is not easy. We have duplicable tools and systems that are easy to plug in to, but you still must invest time and effort, just like anything else you do in life, to make it grow. You have to learn how to best use the tools to share the opportunity with others. All the learning is done through practical work, we do not “go to school” for this, we learn while we earn. That makes it easy also for people not fond of reading and studying. The industry in general and Network Marketing companies provide a lot of training and education for free. It is up to each individual person to take advantage of it or not.  If you are coachable and curious to learn new things there is nothing keeping you from entering this industry and start your journey to success.

In a normal job where you have people in positions above you, the competition can be high. Your boss or superior may not wish to see you succeed because they are afraid you will take their position from them. Usually, the only way you can get a higher position and a good pay rise in the company you currently are working in, is if another person quits or dies. In Network Marketing it is totally different. If you do an outstanding job, everyone above you that is involved in your business applauds you. They all want to see you succeed and grow; they help you. If you involve a person in your business and you help them succeed more than you, you have done an amazing job. They can get a better “rank” than you and even have better compensation than you – and no one must quit or die for this to happen. This is a great strength of Network Marketing. Everyone wants you to succeed and continue to climb the pay scale. The more success you have the more success everyone has. It is a win-win situation for all. That’s what I call a fair business!

In Network Marketing it really does not matter where you are located. We usually work online and that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. A person from the countryside can have just as much, or even more, success than a person living in a big city. Also, it does not matter if you live in Asia, Europe, the USA or other places. The opportunity is equal in all open markets, and the internet is without borders.

I hope you see why some people call Network Marketing the fairest business model in the world. It invites everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur to join. No matter what gender, age (minimum 18), origin, religion, education, or professional background, it offers the opportunity to earn a living and build a great career alongside, or instead of, a “normal” job. The only differences between the individuals within a Network Marketing business is the time they invest, who they talk with and their desire for success. Everything else is 100% equal.


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