You Are Never Alone in Network Marketing

People join a network marketing company for many different reasons.

Some do it for the products, some for the earnings, some for the flexible working hours, some for personal growth and some for the culture and partnership, just to mention a few.

People joining the ASEA business are from all walks of life, with different kinds of background and experience and we all have one common dream: we want something more out of life for our self and for others.

The only way we can achieve it is through teamwork. This business is about Together Everyone Achieves More = TEAM.

If you are a loner, and want to fly solo, network marketing is probably not for you. This business is all about working together. People are helping each other to success, because in order for me to succeed I need to help you to succeed. I know, it is very different from how normal businesses work. I have run a couple of “traditional” businesses, and I have been an employee. I know how lonely it can be in both these arenas and I know how stressful it can be to feel pressure from competitors or colleagues.

In network marketing there is a whole team that welcomes you and they are ready to share their expertise, help you do the work, solve challenges together with you and help you become the best you want to be.

It doesn’t matter what kind of type you are, whether an introvert or a party-person or something in between, as long as you are coachable and like to help other people you can do this business. You can do it face-to-face or via different social media platforms. This is for everyone.
In network marketing we have a very practical way of learning and doing business. We learn trough the journey and the individuals who often go on to be the most successful, are those who accept that they are “newbies” and learn from others as they build their business. From the very first day you embark on to your network marketing journey you are surrounded by people who want to help you physically, mentally, financially, and socially.

Our whole system and structure are based on helping others succeed. It is obvious that a group of individuals with different strengths and weaknesses working together to achieve a common goal are more likely to succeed than if they all work alone. The teams that have the most success are made up from people who are selfless and share their knowledge and value freely, without any hidden agenda. We earn while we learn, and nobody can succeed without helping others to succeed.

I usually say that helping a new business builder getting on board is as serious and is just as much responsibility as giving birth to a baby. First you have to carry them around and feed them – do the job for them and they learn. Then you have to hold their hand when they start to walk and eat – you do the job with them and support them when they are stuck or need help.  Eventually they will run out into the world – build their business as small or big as they want, with or without me.

No matter how slow or fast this process go they will always be a part of the “family” and will have the entire teams support and help whenever they need it. And THEY will of course be a big asset for the rest of the team and all the new team members who join in the future.



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